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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The result of not drinking alcohol for 3 weeks

I did not drink alcohol at all for three weeks.
As a result I tell you what happened to the body and mind.

Physical effect of not drinking

I did not drink for 3 weeks, so my physical condition has improved a lot.
My internal organs became healthy and appetite improved.
The energy of my body was not wasted and I felt less tired of the day. 

I am glad that my eyesight has improved considerably by not drinking alcohol.
Although I was a strong myopia since I was a student, my eyesight improved considerably in three weeks.
Oriental medicine knows that the liver and eye are related, it is thought that my eyesight has improved by improving my liver.

I always had diarrhea but it returned to normal.
I used to drink cold beer every night. It is thought that it caused diarrhea.

Psychological effects of not drinking alcohol

I could not sleep for the first two weeks and I got up many times in the middle of the night.
I was able to sleep as soon as I slept with alcohol. But I will have less sleep unless I drink alcohol.
But I do not get sleepy during the day, even if I can not sleep at midnight.
I may have time to sleep deeply in the middle of the night.

I can wake up very well in the morning now.
And when I had not drunk alcohol two weeks passed, I suddenly fell asleep and began to sleep till morning.
I believe that my spiritual part has recovered because I did not drink alcohol for 3 weeks.

I suffered mental damage due to my long-term alcohol intake, but I almost recovered by not drinking alcohol for 3 weeks.
Because I am having Zazen meditation, thinking ability and concentration ability is kept unchanged as I was young.
I would like to study the unknown area of sleep by doing a Zazen meditation.


I am glad that my body became healthy and my depressed feeling disappeared after I finished 3 weeks of abstinence.
In order to keep my body healthy, it is most important to keep my body normal by not drinking alcohol often.

Wonderfulness of drinking

There are various ways to enjoy life.
Sports, climbing, handicrafts, etc.
It will be countless.

Alcohol is exceptional for drinker.
Because it is possible to relax, become cheerful and it can associate smoothly with disliked people.

I think alcohol is indispensable in our life.
The important thing is we need to adjust the amount of alcohol drink.
Zazen meditation makes it possible.

Unwanted enforcement fails.
The most important thing in life is hope.
Please try to imagine. 
It is a shock if you are told that you can not drink alcohol.
You may lose your hope of living.
Before being told so,seriously face the alcohol problem.
To do that, you need zen meditation.
It is your responsibility to make worse of your body and mind by drinking alcohol.

Thank you for drinking alcohol

Beer drunk as the bath rises. Wine to drink after work.
It is one of the pleasures that can not be compared elsewhere.
You will not be able to die without enjoying this enjoyment.
Believe that you can be saved from alcohol dependence by zazen meditation. 
Materials in the brain called serotonin will help us by zazen meditation.
Please begin Zazen meditation from today.

Wishing will surely come true if you go step by step.
Please open up your life.

Notice as soon as possible

It is very important to continue doing something on your life.
Willingness will come with you by continuing.
I was able to acquire my will and spiritual health by continuing Zazen meditation.
Zazen meditation has a history that has been going on for thousands of years.
Zazen meditation, which has been going on for thousands of years, always includes things that are mentally and physically good.
I strongly recommend Zazen meditation to be saved from alcohol dependence.


Life is only once.
Whether you suffer from alcohol problems or lead a healthy social life depends on your own choice.
It is most important that you take care of yourself and live healthy until your lifespan comes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Diary not drinking alcohol from 9rd day to 21rd day

I did not drink alcohol for 21 days.
I had a difficult time without alcohol.
But I was able to survive.

Next time I will write a story that the body became healthy.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Diary not drinking alcohol 8rd day

I am getting better sleep quality.
I can concentrate 30 minutes of meditation in the morning feeling pleasantly and I feel that serotonin is enough in the brain.
When my abstinence period becomes longer, it seems that the exhilaration feeling after zen meditation is gradually increasing.

I have been sleeping for about five hours, and waking up is gradually getting better.
I do not feel tired like in the day in the daytime, but I am feeling better without having to take a nap at work.

I was able to enjoy the meditation of Zen meditation before dinner.I
 have delicious ice cream and chocolate to eat after bathing.
I had delicious cold milk before going to bed.

Diary not drinking alcohol 7rd day

Last night I woke up for the second time but I slept well.
I get up twice in the toilet the night I drink alcohol, but without having alcohol I rarely get up on the toilet.

I got up at 6 o'clock in the morning and meditated for zazen today.
I have a very good mental state during the day, there is no depression symptoms.
I think alcohol will completely escape from my body once I abstain from a week.
The feeling of my heart is a sense I can not taste without abstinence.
And I was lucky to be alive, I suddenly come up to my heart as happy.
When I feel the comfort of living, I would like to increase my abstinence more and more.

I have no symptoms disappeared from my alcohol and my eyes feel very good.
I am happy that the exciting feeling of my teens can be felt this year.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Diary not drinking alcohol 6rd day

I got a refreshing awakening in the morning.
I get up at six in the morning and meditate on the meditation of the Zazen and feel good.

It is not because a person who depends on alcohol drinks from the morning is physical suffering that alcohol runs out, hands tremble, eyes shabo-shako, sweating.
Because it makes me mentally painful, I want to avoid it.
If I drink a bottle of alcohol I will not be able to stop drinking because you will not suffer.

But instead of alcohol, Zazen meditation reduces its painful mental state.Such a wonderful thing is definitely equipped for the human body.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Diary not drinking alcohol 5rd day

I slept well last night.
Did I sleep for about 4 hours.

Milk that I drank before going to bed might have been good.
I think that milk has an effect to calm the soul.
I decided to drink milk before going to bed.

I see that person with insomnia is writing the pain of not being able to sleep on the net, but in my case it is not so spicy.
I think sleeping time of 1 day may be enough for 4 hours.
I think that if I use 18 hours a day happens effectively I can use a good life, but I do not know what to use.

I recently breathed abdominal while sleeping when I can not fall asleep, but that may also have a positive effect on the body with insufficient sleep.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Diary not drinking alcohol 4rd day

Also, I could hardly sleep like last night.
It is painful not to get to sleep, but it will be a little confident that even a few hours of sleep can somehow accomplish daytime work.

Even though I can only sleep for a short time, I am better than the depressed state next morning when I drank alcohol.

Zazen meditation has a function to compensate for lack of sleep.
And it will be possible to work even for a short sleep.

I have been wanting to eat sweet food since last night and I bought a lot of ice cream and almond chocolate today.
I think it is cheap to think that it cost more than $10 for drinking alcohol every day.
I was using more than $500 a month when I added money to drink alcohol outside and alcohol that I drink at home.

Now I do not spend money on alcohol, so I decide to buy whatever I want to buy.
It is a reward for myself who does not drink alcohol.
Such a thing is necessary reward in order not to drink alcohol.

After bathing, I had ice cream and cold milk delicious.