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Friday, March 24, 2017

Age of notice

I found that Zazen was effective in withdrawing symptoms of alcoholism, starting with not drinking alcohol one day a week.

Previously, if I did not drink alcohol all day, I became depressed, my hands trembled.

I was drinking to improve it.
However, as I continued the Zazen, the withdrawal symptoms decreased by half.

As the number of zen meditation times increased, I became able to send ordinary daily life.

The only thing I can say is that by doing a Zazen, I think I was overcome with quite a few withdrawal symptoms compared to the withdrawal symptoms of ordinary people.

We got up in the morning and both our bodies and our heart were hard, I do not want to live a day, I can not help it, I do not know what I am living for.

It is Zazen that relaxing it and becoming able to live happily.

I often hear that everything has significance, but I feel that alcoholism has given me a chance to review life.

My happiest thing is having met with Zazen.
I regret that I spent two-thirds of my life in vain.

And I was able to want to make the remaining one-third of the life shine.
We can not live two lives at the same time.

Would not we be happy if we were able to live happily with ourselves.

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