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Thursday, March 16, 2017

College days

I have plenty of dreams and my dream of living in Tokyo began.

I entered a circle and spent half a year as a dreamlike university life.

 But as I got accustomed to Tokyo, I felt an indescribable emptiness.
I did not study, I got into the circle's room, and I continued my life with my friends for mahjong.

I was getting to drink alcohol gradually because it was hard for me to be alone.
I drank until the unconscious at the party, I spent with my friends till the next morning.

I drank a lot of alcohol and stolen the oranges at the fruit store.
I can not find hope of living in such corruption without goals.

I was told not to do only a prolonged age from my parents, so I borrowed a note from my friend at the time of the exam and progressed.
I really appreciate my parents who worked hard and sent money to me.

My university life also became fourth grade and became increasingly irregular, I continued my drinking alcohol three times a week and returning to the next morning.

I do not care about finding jobs at all until the summer of the 4th grade, I do not feel like doing anything at all, I have accepted one company, but I can not accept it.

I did not have any jobs I wanted to do and I did not know what to target and what to live.

However, I received a test of a local civil servant and received it.

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