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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Diary not drinking alcohol 3rd day

I can not sleep at night as usual.
The feeling of dryness of my eyes is the same as yesterday.

I saw something like hallucination in the evening.
It is not like insects are crawling around the wall, as often written on the net.
It looked like a black insect in the corner of my sight, it felt like it disappears when I look at it.
I could not feel fear etc.
I hope I will end with this hallucination.

The degree of my alcohol dependence applies to everything in the check sheet, but it seems like an initial addiction from the view of hallucinations.
I am anxious to return to normal mental condition somehow now.

I have diarrhea in most of the year, but this morning I am not diarrhea.
As usual I have no symptoms of diarrhea if I do not drink alcohol and I feel that nutrition is absorbed from the intestines.

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