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Friday, March 31, 2017

Diary not drinking alcohol 4rd day

Also, I could hardly sleep like last night.
It is painful not to get to sleep, but it will be a little confident that even a few hours of sleep can somehow accomplish daytime work.

Even though I can only sleep for a short time, I am better than the depressed state next morning when I drank alcohol.

Zazen meditation has a function to compensate for lack of sleep.
And it will be possible to work even for a short sleep.

I have been wanting to eat sweet food since last night and I bought a lot of ice cream and almond chocolate today.
I think it is cheap to think that it cost more than $10 for drinking alcohol every day.
I was using more than $500 a month when I added money to drink alcohol outside and alcohol that I drink at home.

Now I do not spend money on alcohol, so I decide to buy whatever I want to buy.
It is a reward for myself who does not drink alcohol.
Such a thing is necessary reward in order not to drink alcohol.

After bathing, I had ice cream and cold milk delicious.

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