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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First time experience

I was born in rural areas and was an unobtrusive child anywhere on the average.

I think that I was nervous and always biked and I was a child without himself.

When I was a junior high school second summer vacation, I went camping with the university student's brother and one year old cousin to the sea.

The whiskey that my brother brought at that time was the beginning of the first place.

I curiously put a cola in whiskey poured half into the cup, pinched his nose and drank it at once.

I laughed at the sandy beach and wondering that the sky was circling around the crowd and laughed a lot with my cousin and drank out the second cup and spat out.

I wondered why adults would drink such a bad thing.

After that, I have a memory that I drank about half as much as a cup of beer at my relatives' home, and got tacky to say that they are delicious beer that is nice and tasty.

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