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Thursday, March 16, 2017

High School days

I entered high school and I was serious until the first grade.

I became a second year student, my friends gathered at home, We started to drink alcohol hiding behind my parents.

At this time I did not do club activities, and I got tired of living only in and out of school and home every day.

And I wanted some stimulation.
However, at that time I was acting as a serious person.

But in shadows, I smoked cigarettes at school during lunch break.
Saturday night my friends gathered at home to drink alcohol and tobacco smoke.

I acted seriously to show my teacher well.
But I was doing pretty bad things in the shadows.

I became a senior in high school and studied hard.
However, although I studied very hard for a year, I failed the exam and I attended a preparatory school.

When I go to preparatory school, I studied the most in my life and I passed the university I wanted most.

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