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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Meaning to incorporate Zazen

Zazen quietly breathe abdominal breathing and leave the idea to go out.

There is a wonderful effect that it gradually loses melancholy feeling coming out of brain substance called serotonin.

From my own experience, there is tremendous effect on the feeling of depression of alcoholism and relief of withdrawal symptoms.

And the power of will will be very strong.

Continuing doing Zazen everyday nourishes patience.

And they come with the power of mind to accomplish something.

This is very helpful for continuing that they are not drinking.

Zazen can be done at home if there is space of 1 m2, and more than anything, it costs nothing money.

Please do Zazen for 30 minutes a day and continue for at least 1 month.

It is recommended to do it before breakfast.
Because the morning after drinking alcohol is the most depressed.

You can not actually feel the effect at first at the beginning, but it is more important than anything to continue without giving up.

If you continue for a month, your mind will calm down and you will feel a really pleasant feeling.
If you do that, you are OK.

Long-term drinking will thoroughly hurt parts of the human brain's instinct.

It takes time to do it cleverly so that you can not notice as little as possible to reason.

When your reason is noticed, you will not be able to control drinking alcohol.
Going there, you will not get away at the hospital.

Recent, brain science has found that Zazen activates the entire human brain.
Serotonin has been secreted in your brain and it has found that you have a tremendous effect to regain the original susceptible brain.

If your instinctive part is destroyed by alcohol, there is no choice but to repair the instinct part.

In order to change your life, I propose a living with Zazen.

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