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Monday, March 13, 2017

New approach to alcohol problem. Not to be like Michael Jackson

Alcohol addiction is said to increase year by year in the world.

Is it that they can not do without drinking in a stress society.

Currently, it is said that treatment of alcoholism is the only way to drink alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink for the rest of your life.

They did not drink for 10 years.
But they are said to instantly return to the original addiction when drinking a bite.
Recovery rate of alcohol addiction patients is said to be about 10%.

 It is almost the same as what the teacher of the alcoholic hospital specialty hospital saw for the first time on the internet 20 years ago.

Addictive patients are considered to be too miserable and salvation patients from long ago. 

And just as alcohol-related patients listen to this recovery rate, everyone will think "absolutely impossible."

With this recovery rate, there are many patients who are not stupid and do not feel like choosing to drink.

Is it possible for a person who is imprisoned in life without parole to have hope?

People with addiction can not have hope.

From the old days, people say that they can not live without hope.
Hope is absolutely necessary for people with alcoholism.

The energy that will try to recover without it will not spring up.

Would it be nice to have a way not to forcibly drink alcohol using conventional anti-alcohol drugs that has not changed for decades.

Why does not the rate of recovery from addiction remain so low for decades?

Taking cancer treatment as an example, surgical resection surgery · anticancer drug · radiation is the center of therapy in the past, and thereafter, immunotherapy, cancer molecule targeted drug, vaccine therapy, proton beam therapy, heavy particle therapy, gene therapy As a result, new treatments such as analyzed treatments appear every year, so that the cure rate is raised.

Doctors insist that still there is no choice but to stop alcohol for treatment of alcoholism.

Patients hospitalized for alcoholism say that most of them will be hospitalized again.

I started with this question that I felt from my own experience as to whether there really is only one treatment which is nothing to drink alcohol.

There is personality in each person, and it seems that it is the appearance of original medical treatment to choose from several kinds of treatment methods.

It is a famous word that everyone knows to rebound on a diet.
It is a phenomenon that appetite becomes many times stronger than before by quickly restricting diet, and it grows rapidly.

 This is also true to stop alcohol.
Desire for drinking will rapidly become stronger as they think that they can never drink alcoho.

People who have failed many times to treat alcoholism-free dependence treatment feel that it is also necessary to seek other ways.

It is up to you whether you choose a course that does not drink alcohol anymore or choose a life to live without drinking twice a week.

 I am an alcohol addiction.
But I enjoy living without having to drink a little alcohol by Zazen.

I have set up this blog with a feeling that it may be able to give hope to those who currently have problems with alcohol. 

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