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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Reunion with Zazen

Since I got a job I have been a drunkard for almost 25 years.

I am in the late 40s. I was depressed but the civil servants continued.
I was given a title with a chief, I reduced my drinking alcohol and worked hard.
But I came to drink alcohol further with stress.

Since I became my thirties, I continued blackouts which I could not remember about when I drank outside.
Besides, I broke the glass of my house and urinate the living room.
I have not remembered how I went back home at all.

I drank alcohol continuously on holiday. Drinking continued while watching the Internet from morning till night.

In such a case, I had a hard case due to work relationship, and the busy condition continued for half a year.
I have been in a state where I can not return from work at night for several months and I can not drink alcohol.

People may not be able to really change unless they become such an extreme state.

I also solved the troubles of work, I thought that if I really had to stop alcohol I would become a scrapped person.

At that time, I happened to find a book of Zazen meditation at a bookstore and bought it.
I thought that I would bet my life on this book and I seriously read it three times.
And I got further information on zazen on the Internet.

And I started sitting Zazen for 15 minutes every morning.

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