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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Since I got a job (middle stage)

Entering the 40s, the Internet began with the world, I surfed the Internet while drinking.

I became a network dependency place that is doing net other than work, meals and baths.

I was drinking alcohol on Saturday and Sunday from the morning and I was playing the net all day.

That life lasted more than five years.
Since about 45 years old, I got over the Internet addiction.

However, there was no doubt a feeling of depression felt further and it was not fun to do anything, only to drink alcohol was painfully worth living.

I was painful in being at work.

And it began to avoid leisure.
However, I kept secret that I was dependent on alcohol in the workplace and I was looking forward to drinking at night.

When I entered a long vacation, I was drinking and I almost finished my holiday with almost no memory.

However, the job of my opening day was hell.
I was always shouting in my mind that I felt disgusted, desperate as if I wanted to die, I was disliked of my life.

However, I managed to go to work. Because I can not drink alcohol without money as I quit my job.

Although I went to work I did not work.

When I got a drinking party outside, when I got up in the morning, there was something full of blood in my face and there was no memory at all, the glass in my house was broken.

As a result of that, I became my 50s and I almost drunk at home.

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